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Book Review: SIEGE AND STORM by Leigh Bardugo

Siege and Storm (The Grisha, #2)
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Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That was the definition of epic. Wow. I can't even. Words are useless. This was unfathomable and gut wrenching and the deft twist of a heart shard. Leigh Bardugo has raised the bar for a second book in a series and has earned every bit that makes both books NYT bestsellers.

I am rent by the light and the darkness. The beauty and the horror. The sibling rivalry. The love that is palpable and yet so far from discovery. My eyes gleam with the small science, the magic of the words laid across each page and chapter and line after line.

This was a magical read, a rare and raw and special feat.

Alina and Mal are back but now they're in a new land, hiding from the Darkling and his search to find and control her once again. This time, the Darkling has a new power, and it's toothsome and painful and grips Alina with a new terror as she realizes that she may be the Sun Summoner, but she may not be a match for all the power the Darkling has, or isn't afraid to unleash into the world.

Alina is conflicted between protecting those she loves and cares about, and in desiring the allure and power she could know if she were to add an amplifier to her current one. In fact, she learns there are potentially two more such artifacts to those who seek the small sciences.

Added to the playing field, Sturmhond, a privateer as notorious as he sails the seas. There is some playful flirtation between Alina and Sturmhond, and it appears at times to cross beyond the scope of casual or friendly interest.

Given Alina is being touted and even worshiped as a saint, her celebrity status does begin to encroach upon her ability to maintain her sanity and make sense of where her alliances lie.

This was a magical read, gripping all the way through, and right up to the very end, which only leaves you wanting more, just as Alina seeks more power, and feels the pull of the Darkling and the dark arts. Will she be able to maintain her sainthood in RUIN AND RISING? Or will she realize she was a sinner all along? Will she embrace the light and find happiness with Mal, or will she succumb to the darkness, the Darkling, and all that power? Only time will tell.

I love this series! Cannot wait to read the conclusion. Fantastic read.

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