Thursday, March 29, 2012

Seven is the Game: The Lucky 7 MEME

I've been tagged by the awesome Roza Million! Below are 7 Bloggers I tagged. Insert evil laughter here. Requirements: Page 77 of your current MS or WIP, go to Line 7 then copy either the first 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs. Next tag 7 Brilliant Bloggers! On to the fun.

My current project is a YA Contemporary called, THE PACKING HOUSE, about a 16-year-old teen boy named Joel who has recurring nightmares and must find who or what is causing them to face his problems and win the heart of the girl he's in love with or lose her forever. In the excerpt below, Joel has run away from home, having learned what his mother is secretly doing with the bill money. You get the end of chapter 12 and the beginning of chapter 13:

12 | Runaway Revisited (end of chapter)

            I guess it’s good they care, but I don’t like where this is headed. I ran away to leave my problems behind, not to have them hunt me down and force me to face them. I don’t do well with that, which is probably why I’m having the nightmares again in the first place.
            Double shit.

13 | Night School

A road runs down to the left smattered with a few houses. I head in that direction, hoping it leads somewhere useful. At the very least, it gets me off the main road and out of immediate eyesight. My stomach rumbles, growling like an angry cornered cat.

I had visions of a hot meal at a local diner, but now I can’t risk it. I’ll eat again when I have a good hiding spot. I pick up the pace like I know where I’m going. A car passes me and heads down the street to a stop sign, before it makes a right turn and disappears behind more houses. I hope the SWAT team doesn’t descend from helicopters and out from behind trimmed bushes. That would suck.

Now onto tagging seven of my favorite bloggers. Please check out their blogs by clicking on the link below and see what they've got going in their WIP in sevens. Thanks for tagging me, Roza! This was fun.
Here are the seven bloggers I tagged:


  1. what fun! thanks for tagging me. I'll have to open up my WIP when I get home.

  2. You're Welcome! Glad you found it fun.

    Have fun Jessie!