Saturday, May 25, 2013

Book Review: MISMATCHED by Lydia Sharp

MismatchedMismatched by Lydia Sharp
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a captivating and quick read. Lydia Sharp does a great job of developing character over world-building. The story left me wanting to know more about the culture and the world and the language. Here, Sharp uses brushstrokes to paint enough of the picture for the reader to fill in the rest of the canvas, which only adds to Liu, the main character.

Liu faces her matching ceremony at the onset of the story. The description of the harsh preparations was visceral and reminded me of the similar DIVERGENT ceremony. Sharp's MISMATCHED isn't about choosing a faction. Rather, it's about choosing a mate and how the heart stone of a clan member bonds with their mate and never lies. The core of the story is wrapped around this idea, and it was enough to draw me into the story and keep me reading until the very end.

Liu wrestles with her choice. She tries to listen to her heart stone that will guide her toward her perfect mate. She is open to the finding. But, her mate alludes her and she risks banishment following a year of being unmatched after the ceremony. Her brother and mother worry about her and the rest of the island begins muttering about her.

MISMATCHED is about being true to yourself and accepting the truth of one's heart over the expectations of the culture and society. I found this a powerful and beautiful read. I enjoyed how art played a role and left undertones of flowers and berries throughout the story. Highly recommended.

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